Velva - Butte - Drake - Martin - Anamoose

For all of your spring, summer, fall and winter needs, our hardware stores have everything you'll need to run your home and business smoothly. Pulling from the resources of our three stores, if you can't find it in one of our locations, we'll find it in the other, and if it is not in stock, it can be ordered.

Shop our stores and you may be surprised at the variety. We carry everything from multiple grades of oil, whether it be automotive or agricultural, to items for the home including snow shovels, furnace filters and home appliances, just to name a few.

All three of our hardware locations include an auto parts house, supplying such items as alternator starters, rebuilt motors. Whether it runs on gas or diesel, we have all the parts for your needs.


Available Parts

Air conditioning systems

Belts & hoses

Brake systems

Electrical systems

Engine kits

Drive train
Engine parts & gaskets Fuel & emissions systems Exhaust systems
Heating & cooling Ignition parts & filters Performance engine kits
Relays, sensors & switches Steering & suspension Vision & safety


See our Auto Services page for information on tire services.