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a.i. Wherever you are, we have a shop nearby, with locations in Velva, Butte and Drake. Our friendly and knowledgeable shop technicians are ready to assist with any repair and preventative measures on your cars, pickups, tractors, or grain trucks. You name it, we fix it.

Don’t forget to ask us about our on-farm tire repair service! We offer our customers the option of on-farm tire repair up to 100-mile radius of our locations. Feel free to contact us today about our distance radius as we love to accommodate our customers and like to see you safely on our North Dakota roads.

Also in our shops we carry a full-line of tires from automotive to semi to farm equipment. And don't forget that we offer on-farm tractor tire repair. For those tires that are bigger-than-life and hard-to-handle, let us come to you. Contact Dean Beaudrie at (701) 626-2267 or Mike Mahoney at (701) 626-1228 and we'll be at your service with our fully equipped truck.


Available Services
Drivability/diagnostic Tire balance, alignment & rotation Brake repair
Oil Changes Automotive air conditioning repair Tire repair
Transmission work Charging system diagnostics All engine repair
Tranny flushes & repair Shock & strut replacement Belt replacement
Cooling system flushes Computerized engine analysis Full exhaust work
  On-farm implement tire repair  


(701) 338-2816

Chris Dokken, Mechanic

Bobby Preston, Mechanic

Pat Haskins, Mechanic

Liz Dokken, Service Writer 


(701) 465-3282

Sean Palmer, Mechanic

Arlan Swanson, Mechanic


(701) 626-7149

Blaine Nechiporenko, Mechanic