Velva - Butte - Drake - Martin - Anamoose

We offer a full line in our Agronomy Department including custom floating dry fertilizer and custom spraying and we are available to do these for both spring and fall application. We also have anhydrous sites in Velva, Butte and Drake as well as a full line of chemicals in all three locations.

Farmers Union Oil Company has two full-time agronomists on board. Ryan Bacon, our Agronomy Manager, has ten years experience in his field and is located in the Velva area. Chris Christianson heads up the Drake and Butte locations, for a combined 22 years of experience as agronomists.

Contact Ryan at 626-1750, Cris at 626-2007, or Tony Martin in our Anamoose location at 693-5994 to help you with every need for your up-and-coming farm season. We also have extensive experience in crop consulting and soil testing. Please call Farmers Union Oil Company for any of your agricultural needs.




Custom spraying

All dry fertilizer- straight or custom blends

Custom floating

Anhydrous ammonia
Tendering dry fertilizer Assorted seed brands
Crop consulting Spray chemicals
Soil testing/results analysis  
Hands on technical support