Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the economic well being of our patron/owners. We strive to serve the ever changing needs of our patron/owners with timely delievery of quality products and services at competitive prices, while efficiently utilizing resources to provide a local net savings that will service the financial needs of our cooperative.

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Velva - Butte - Drake - Martin - Anamoose

Locally Owned and Operated

img_thumbTemp.jpgIn January of 1933 Olai Linrud, Acting Chairman of the Velva Territory Farmers Union Oil Company of Minot, ND, called to order a meeting for all stakeholders. The purpose of the meeting was to consider the question whether or not, we, the Velva Branch of Minot Oil Co., sever connections the said company. A standing vote was called for with the results that the proposition carried unanimously. The new company to be called Velva Farmers Union Oil Company, Velva. It was moved and seconded that we incorporated in the sum of $10,000. A temporary board of directors was appointed. These five men were also the First Incorporators:

Olai Linrund
August Pretzer
Nels Solheim
Ed Hystad
E.J. Pravda

Our Board Members

President: David Thom,
                 Board Member for 17 years

Vice President: Kyle Larsen

Director - Leon Kolschefski

Director -Bryan Bruner


Director - Rodney Kaylor 

Secretary - Michael Senger